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Game Lodges in the Private Game Reserves.

On gamelodge.eu you will be in direct contact with the lodge operator. GameLodge.eu has together with SafariLodges.com developed a site that focus on travellers, who plan and organize their own holiday. Safari Lodges will be developed to the best planning and booking tool on-line for safari vacations. You can easily navigate and search for information about parks or game reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa. SafariLodges.com is a holiday planning tool that facilitates easy control over several booking enquiries and offers, at the same time on one page. The progress of your plan is easy to monitor and your time schedule can more easily be lined up. With a click you can accept or reject offers coming in. With SafariLodges.com you can send several booking enquiries at one go, and you can easily make price comparison between different offers. This option will enable you to better judge where you can get the best value for money.  Before you start to send your first booking enquiry you have to " Register "  with SafariLodges.com. You will only be required to register contact information, an exercise that takes you less than a minute to do. When you have registered and sent 2-3 booking enquiries you can monitor the offers coming into your account, or as we call it " My Safari ". SafariLodges.com do not operate like an off-line or on-line travel agent. And we do not give preference to any specific operator and we do not influence you in the process. All our visitors are supreme to us, and our travellers priorities come first.

Your contact with the Service Providers is passed over a server that operates this safari portal. You will therefore communicate directly with the original operator of the service.

Welcome to gamelodge.eu and SafariLodges.com.
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